R&D Cylindrical Production Manager – Northvolt AB

Profession: R&D Cylindrical Production Manager
Name: Selma Zilic

Work place: Northvolt AB, Research & Development department (cylindrical batteries line)
Age: 38


This is for how long I have been working with my profession:
More than 3 years in Sweden in research sector, but I have previous international experience in military projects (US government, Afghanistan), research work as biochemist (Czech Republic) and teacher (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

I chose my profession because: 
I was attracted to natural sciences since the young age, always trying to experiment and discover more. One of the influences in my life was my first chemistry teacher who opened my mind to the world of nature. Science fascinates me every day.

I have the following education: 
Associate in School of medicine, bachelor’s in chemistry and Master of science in biochemistry field.

This education is required for my profession: 
Yes, but experience and passion could be great replacement, since many people progressed in their career even without specific high education or title.

These are the benefits of my profession:
Dynamic work in everyday research, troubleshooting and experimenting on daily basis to discover new technologies, methods, materials. It is challenging and none of the days are the same. Also, people, teamwork, girls in the department where we developed awesome friendships, our guys, jokes, serious work, helping each other and supporting wherever the support is needed.

These are the disadvantages of my profession:
Sometimes sending long hours in dry room, work with dangerous material, long working hours, unexpected issues that can lead to frustrations.

These are my tasks during a typical working day:
Leading the team, planning the activities, coordinating material for projects, work in dry room with my team, maintenance, troubleshooting, meetings, process/projects execution.

Development opportunities in my profession are: 
Everywhere. In R&D (research and development), every person has a chance to progress and develop in a great way. Hard work pays out and it is rewarded. Also, personal development is one of the goals of R&D, where awesome experts work and we learn a lot from each other. I started as technician and in less than a year I became production manager.

Other interesting things to think about with my profession are: 
Chance to learn something new every day, to discover possibilities of new technologies and processes, to work on great equipment, unique in the world. My profession can change the world in field of energy and automation, so it makes me more proud to wear Northvolt uniform every day.